Who Erin?

Hello! I Am Erin!

Greetings and welcome!

My name is Erin Michael Winking. Yes, I use all three of my names, but it’s not to sound pretentious, but simply to make it very clear that I am a man. I don’t actually make people call me Erin Michael face to face. I like my Irish name, but in emails and whatnot it can cause confusion and has made for some very awkward blind dates and anonymous truck stop hookups.

You found my blog. Regret your surfing decisions...
You found my blog. Regret your surfing decisions…

I’m a visual story-teller; a television news photojournalist by trade. My goal in life is to be a story-teller of all sorts. I want to write books, make scripted television shows and maybe even movies.

I enjoy, as a hobby, working on websites. I’ve loved doing it since websites were actually something that you had to be somewhat important to have, back in my high school days oh those many years ago in 1993-94ish.

I also enjoy photography, I’m addicted to anime (Japanese  animation), online video games like Star Trek Online and for some reason I really like Sim City and The Sims. I think I like The Sims because I can make a little virtual me and actually get a girlfriend in that game. Of course if I spent the amount of time I spend playing that game getting a pretend girlfriend exercising, I could likely get a real girlfriend.

I’d appreciate it if you’d not point out my logical flaws here, thank you.

I’m from Springfield, Illinois, but I have lived in several places across the country, ranging from St. Paul, Minnesota, Las Vegas, Nevada, Tulsa, Oklahoma and now finally (I think), Tacoma, Washington.

Some people consider me liberal (usually conservatives), which is odd as most liberals consider me conservative. This tends to make me believe that my political views are all perfect. I both hate and love our current political climate as I have turned ‘arguing on the internet’ into a sport of sorts. While I won’t do it everywhere, I do love to get into a good CAPS LOCK RAWR match with folks I don’t even know!

If you want to know more about me, hit me up on Twitter! Send me a message and we can be friends on Facebook too! (I don’t accept random Facebook requests because of SPAM! Yuck.)

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