Wayback Wednesday! #4

Unless I happen to pull my other old and dead anime blog out of my ass, rather than via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, this will likely be the last repost from many, many years ago and I will have  to actually create some Wayback! content.

Who knew that actually trying to make regular content could be such a chore?!

Similar to last week’s Wayback!, I am reposting one of my seasonal anime reviews from my old Otakuphotog blog. This one is from February 17, 2006. Don’t mind the outdated references. Enjoy! Hopefully by next Wednesday I can come up with something new!

Yes my pretties, it’s that time of the year again. When I totally geek out and let you, my faithful readers (and of course the majority of you who are just here looking for porn) what anime (non-US released) that I recommend you watch! wOOt!


This one might take the cake as ‘most hilarious’, but I dunno. I’ve got quite a few that are pretty fuckin’ funny.

Magikano revolves around Haruo Yoshikawa, a young high school student (aren’t they always) sees a girl seemingly vanish in a gust of wind.

Soon he finds out that she is not the ghost he thought she was, but a new classmate, Mamiya Ayumi.

Mamiya is a witch, or some sort of magic using girl. So are Haruo’s sisters, Maika, Chiaki and Fuyuno. However they don’t let Haruo know this, and do everything they can to make it so that their brother can lead a normal life, rather than one that’s magical; I suspose.

Here’s where it gets a little weird(er)… Apparently many years ago, Mamiya was cursed for reasons that I forget. They only way to break the curse is to unlock Haruo’s magical powers. To do that she needs to…. ahem…. ‘make a man out of him’. Take that as you will.

Haruo’s sisters do everything in their power to stop Mamiya from doing such an act to (or with… again, take as you will….) Haruo. This, of course, is complicated more by the fact that Mamiya now lives with Haruo and the others as their maid.

This show is beyond hilarious. I often browse around the anime forums trying to track down new anime to watch, and I have decided that anything some of the die hard anime fans say is bad, I will like. I don’t know what is wrong with some people. In fact, some of these bakatakus (I just made that up! It means ‘Stupid Otakus’!) were COMPLAINING that the show had some fan service in it. The fan service is NOT that blatant and I have seen worse (or better, depending again on your attitude towards nekkid chicks).

I laughed nearly non stop throughout the entire 24 minutes. And it wasn’t just ‘ha ha’ laughing. It was ‘nearly died’ laughing. I was actually rolling around on the floor! Glad I did to, as I found something for dinner.

Magikano is available for download from Anime Universe (the wonderful people who brought us Shuffle!). Get it while you can!

Shakugan no Shana

I’m still trying to get a grip on this one myself, but so far, it’s great.

Unlike most of the anime I watch, this one is not a comedy. In fact, Shana is quite dark. It’s listed as a comedy on the Anime News Network, but I really haven’t seen much to laugh about yet.

Here’s the scoop from Shana’s Wiki page:

An ordinary high school student, Yuuji Sakai, living an ordinary life, has a run in with the extraordinary, and meets a girl in the process. Her name is Shana, the flame-haired red-hot-eyed hunter. She is a Flame Haze whose task is to hunt down Crimson Denizens (Guze no Tomogara). After letting him know that he is an existence that shall soon be gone from this world, she protects Yuuji, who is actually a Mistes (a special “Torch”), from those who hunt him.

These Crimson Denizens are beings from the Crimson Realm and steal the energy that forms the basis of this world, Existence, from the people living in this world and utilize it for their own selfish ambitions. One of their hapless victims was Yuuji. Flame Hazes are the ones who seek the destruction of those Crimson Denizens. By the hand of the Flame Hazes, these erased persons are turned into Torches in order to repair the strain on reality resulting from the actions of the Denizens. Torches take on the forms of those erased persons, but before long, they will vanish from the memories of the living.

That explains the plot a lot better than I can.

Like I said, I haven’t really gotten my hands all the way around this one yet. In fact I plan on grabbing a Corona and heading to the TV tonight to watch all the episodes I have.

But I have enjoyed it. There is action and suspense, and my favorite thing in the world, cute girls who kill things. Eclipse is subbing it. I saw that it was licensed, but I have yet to see it on shelves, so I will go ahead and post the link to the download.* Enjoy!


Have I already declared a ‘most hilarious’ yet? Because if I have, I lied. Karin wins, hands down.

Karin is a very light-hearted and hilarious anime about a family of vampires that live in Japan. There is the Mama and Papa, and the three kids, eldest boy, Ren Maaka, middle girl – and our star – Karin Maaka, and youngest (and seemingly the brightest) Anju Maaka. Most of them are typical vampires. Stay inside during the day, and go out at night and harvest people’s blood.

Karin isn’t typical though. She’s got an ‘odd’ constitution that causes her to create blood. So instead of biting people to suck their blood, she bites them to put blood in them! But if her blood becomes too full, and there is no one to bite, well then GOOSH!

Oh, also garlic doesn’t bother her and she loves the light and can’t see very well in the dark.

Her blood growth seems to be spurred by the unhappiness of one Usui Kenta. So Karin does everything within her power (well not everything, if you catch my drift) to make him happy. This includes, but is not limited to, making him a daily lunch! Well it seems to work for the most part.

Here comes some more hilarity! A real winner named – uh – Winner Sinclair comes into Karin’s life as a transfer student. He’s immediately drawn to her, head over heals in love! The only problem with this is that he is a vampire hunter. Of course he does everything he can to woo our boobtacular protagonist, and she does everything she can to get away from him.

Winner’s afraid of blood too. Did I mention that? No? Well he is. He also doesn’t know a thing about vampires, actually running into several of them through out his adventures with nary a clue.

Karin is subbed by a ton of groups, but I try to stick with the ones I know best, and the ones I know do a great job, so I recommend that you download from Anime Shrine! Enjoy this series!

School Rumble

Have I declared a ‘Most Hilarious’ yet? Because if I had, please ignore it and come straight down to this one. I was turned on to School Rumble by someone who left me a comment on last summers ‘FUNKDAFIED Summer Anime Recommendations’. So after taking a decade to find and download some episodes, I was hooked.

From the opening on you cannot help but laugh non stop at this off the wall take on school life. It’s a little like Azumanga Diaho, except this one sorta has a plot and isn’t AS off the wall. But there is plenty of stuff to make you go hmmmm…

Here’s the gist of it. I’ve made this nifty graphic to help you follow along with the love train…

The story follows Tenma Tsukamoto, a pretty young high school girl who is madly in love with Ohji Karasuma. Why, I’ll never know. He’s the oddest mother this side of the ocean. Well, I guess it would be THAT side of the ocean, but whatever. Anyway, Kenji Harima, the meanest, biggest delinquent in school is madly in love with Tenma and is willing to do WHATEVER he has to in order to be near her and eventually confess his love to her. Even if that means GOING TO SCHOOL!!!

Pretty much everything else that happens in the show revolves around Tenma trying to get with Ohji and Kenji trying to hook up with Tenma. There is some other stuff that goes on, but I really don’t know how relevant it is. All I know is that this show is non stop laughs from beginning to end.

Reading the Wiki entry on this, it seems that as the show progresses they story seems to drift away from Tenma, Ohji and Kenji. Obviously I haven’t made it that far yet, but if it’s true I hope (for their sake, otherwise I will have to book a trip to Japan and start kicking some ass, yeah.) that the hilariousness continues. I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t, though.

School Rumble isn’t licensed, as far as I know. But their distributor requests that fan subbing be ceased. I say ‘FINE!’ Just hurry the fuck up and get it over to this side of the ocean so I can buy it then! Until you do that, I will be happy to link to where you can download this great series.* Wannabe Fansubs is doing a kick-ass job on subbing this series. God bless their little hearts.

Seriously though, hurry up. I want to buy it!

*All of these series have been licensed, and as such the download links have been purged. Buy, buy, buy!

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