That Was An Ordeal…

IMG_2505So I decided that I’d go ahead and start doing stuff on this blog. I figure 2 years, 1 month was long enough for people to not have to ignore me.

It was a pain in the ass. I had to manually – via FTP – kill a security plugin that had fubared my login, reset (via the database) my password, update everything, and reauthorize everything before I could even get into the admin menu.

Then I found the biggest issue with things not being updated. My SPAM protection plugin had been inactive. And for whatever reason, WordPress allows people to comment without the comments even being available through one of the PHP pages. So I ended up having to spend the evening deleting nearly 12,000 SPAM comments.

Thank fucking God I only had about 10 posts up. I can’t imagine how many there would be if I actually had a real, active, blog.

Anyway, as I’ve said before, prepare for posts in the next several days/weeks. Hopefully I won’t slack off this time. Or hopefully I will. Whatever.

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