(In)Frequently Asked Questions!

What’s 421A? – A blog.

I know that, I mean what does 421A mean? – 421A is the Las Vegas Metro Police Department’s code for someone having mental issues. Considering most of the 421A calls I heard while I was working in news out there were of people who while otherwise harmless, were rambling incoherently, and sometimes shouting. Seems like a good euphemism (metaphor?) for me and this blog.

Explain Douglas Avenue? – I guess that counts as a question since there’s a question mark at the end. Douglas Avenue is the street I grew up on, and somehow became the ‘brand’ for all my online properties, which back when not everyone and their dog could easily have a web presence, was kind of but not very popular.

What’s the blog about? – Primarily, right now, anime, but it’s a general purpose what the fuck ever blog for me, for whenever I get the creative crabs and have the itch to write.

Are you always so vile? – Online? Yes.

Why should I read your blog? – You shouldn’t. It’s terrible and I do it only as a desperate attempt to remain relevant and have some of me stick around after I’m dead.

Some of the stuff on here is NSFW! Why? – I don’t write this blog at work, therefore what I put on here is safe for me. If your work is so wonky about half naked anime chicks, perhaps you shouldn’t be online during work hours!

Has anyone really asked any of these questions? – No.

Contact me if you like! Twitter @erinwinking or email – erin AT douglas|avenue DOT com

Make sure you remove the |, spaces, and change the AT to an @ and the DOT to a .

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