Fear & Loathing In Cleveland

So apparently, at some point in the last eight years, likely while I was sleeping since I do that so often, the United States of America transformed from a shining city upon a hill to Biff Tannen’s Hill Valley (or perhaps Robocop’s Detroit; I prefer the latter since there is coed showering there). At least, according to Donald Trump Thursday night, that is the case.

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In a speech that could have made the Grim Reaper wet his cloak in fear, Donald Trump (after feeling up his daughter) went on to describe our nation in a way that not even the best post-apocalyptic science fiction writer could imagine.

Apparently, the United States is a grim, crime ridden cesspool with dozens of police officers being gunned down on a daily basis, 92% of the population is unemployed and resorting to cannibalism, cats are marrying dogs – the horrors went on and on for over an hour.

The people in the audience ate it up.

Of course they did. Why?

Because the Republican party has become the party of fear. The leaders in this party are the fear mongers and the followers are the fearful. There was no substance to his speech. There didn’t need to be. Those voting for Trump are going to do so not because they believe he’s a deserving candidate, but because they are afraid.

Trump’s view of America

They fear Clinton and the Democrats will take away their guns, despite that not even being a remote possibility without a constitutional amendment which would never pass. They fear the Democrats are going to take away their religion, despite having no qualms about taking away others themselves. They fear the mighty forces of ISIS will be storming the beaches and sneaking under border fences. They fear that Mexicans will take away their jobs, then slaughter billions with their uninsured cars and leaf blowers.

Now maybe I’m not looking in the right place, but when I go outside I see a rather bustling city, full of people going to work, enjoying their time off, and doing various other things you’d never expect to happen in a country that would cause Iraqis to think “Wow, at least it ain’t that bad here!”.

That’s Donald Trump’s current view of America.

Donald Trump thinks America is a shithole.

Now, I don’t believe for a second that Trump actually thinks that. However he and Pence are working Republicans into a frenzy by painting this picture of a dystopian nation on the verge of annihilation. It seems to be working as well. Many reviews I have read today from Republican pundits think that Trump’s speech was great and right on target.

Here’s the truth as I see it.

Could things improve? Sure. Our economy isn’t back to the point it was before Obama took office and the recession. That said, our economy has been improving nearly every single quarter since 2010. Jobs are being added, businesses are thriving, people are working.

Crime is at one of the lowest levels it’s been in nearly two decades. Crime among first-generation immigrants – you know, the horrible people that we want to spend billions on a wall to keep out – actually commit crime at a lower rate than native-born Americans. The number of police killed on the job is actually down from the number killed in 2008; while the firearm related homicide number of officers killed is up this year from this point last year, an anomaly as a result of two domestic terrorist attacks does not signify a trend.

I want to make sure it’s understood that I am in no way diminishing the deaths of the officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge. I’m simply pointing out that overall, statistically speaking, our police are no more ‘unsafe’ than they were in 2008. It’s a dangerous job, one that I both appreciate and have great respect for. However if you have a serial killer in your city that manages to kill 8 people before he’s caught, you’re not going to say that the additional 8 homicides for that year point to a trend of your overall homicides increasing.

Apparently ISIS is also running amok in the United States. There have been four attacks in the United States that have either direct or at least loosely woven links to the terrorist group. Without stating an specifics, Trump claims he will defend the United States (without NATO’s help, apparently) by destroying ISIS, since Barrack The Not So Secret Secret Muslim Obama refuses to do anything. Apparently the 10,577 (as of July 12) airstrikes we’ve conducted against ISIS or the special operations soldiers, risking their lives to work with our allies, doesn’t count. If only he’d say ‘Radical Islam’…

I personally find it amusing in a very, very, sad way that Trump and the Republicans seem to be willing to nuke the Middle East to protect Americans from a nearly non-existent terror threat, but won’t even entertain the idea of expanded background checks for gun sales despite more Americans being killed by guns between now, July 22, 2016 and July 18, 2016, than have been killed since 2001 in radical Islamic terrorist attacks.

I’m starting to ramble, so I’ll finish up here.

I am certainly not trying to get you to vote for Hillary. I’ve made it very well-known that I think she’s a terrible choice for the Democrats. Vote for who you want. But make an educated choice. Don’t vote for someone because some small-handed con man with an unhealthy attraction to his daughter (I’ve destroyed my Google search history looking for a synonym for that) scared you into it with tales of an America that just doesn’t exist.

The United States of America is a great country. We have the strongest economy in the world. People from countries I’ve never even heard of still look up to us as a symbol of freedom and democracy. Why do you think immigrants are coming here (legally or otherwise)? They have jobs in Mexico, you know. They come here because of how fucking awesome the United States is. Mr. Trump, you know why so many countries rely on our military for defense? Because it’s the best one in the world.

I don’t care what any asshat mother fucker says. There’s no need to make America great again because America is already great.

What Trump wants to do is make America into HIS version of great, and quite frankly, that, friends, will be the day America ceases to become great.


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