Can You Believe This Shit?

Twice, in like six years now, I have had my entire web server wiped.

The first time, it kind of wasn’t my fault. By which of course I mean it was 100% my fault. I was using Yahoo! as my hosting provider. They were good, constant up time. I had no issues. Then I moved to Tulsa from Las Vegas (which was of course not a totally stupid idea in and of its self). When I got to Tulsa, for some reason I was under the impression that the Washington Mutual (God rest their souls) debit card in which was being used to pay for that web hosting – something that was attached to a now CLOSED account – would continue to pay for said web hosting.

Needless to say I not only lost my web site but what bothered me more so was that I lost control of the domain name.

Now I know most people would say ‘who the good golly fuck would want that stupid ass name?’, but there are a lot of people who make money snatching up domain names that have lapsed and reselling them. Lucky for me I was able to get it back quickly. Unfortunately I lost the great rate I had with Yahoo!, so I went cheaper with Go Daddy.

I’ve had no problems with them. Asides from their support for SOPA, which I have to admit I am not principled enough to boycott them over considering how little I pay for more server space and bandwidth than I would ever possibly need.

Recently I changed banks. In this change there was of course a change in debit cards.

Do you see a pattern emerging here?

At least Go Daddy was nice enough to send me emails. Emails I failed to notice till the day after my cutoff.

So here I was with a blank slate.



BUT… I thought ahead! All three of my WordPress sites had a ‘database backup’ plugin installed on them, all of which emailed me a weekly SQL dump of the database. Things would be a simple matter of simply reinstalling WordPress and importing the SQL dump, right? That’s the point of the database back up, right?

I guess things aren’t that simple. First off, on my fan fiction site, for whatever reason it stopped sending me (or I’ve been deleting?) the backups since October. So I didn’t have a recent one. The one from October kind of went in, but I don’t know if it was because the reinstall wasn’t a mirror image of the original, or what was wrong but none of the pages would load and I couldn’t even access the admin panel anymore.

I conceded defeat.

I can’t seem to find the backup for this site.

Not that it really matters that much in the long run. It’s not like this site or the other one pulls in any traffic. Hell, the only traffic I get on this site is when I post, and I am pretty sure that’s just from a couple of people I know on Facebook looking to see if I posted any more pictures of cute girls cosplaying. The most frustrating thing about the whole ordeal is that it seems to be a recurring theme for me anymore how so many preventable issues seem to be bogging me down.

It’s annoying, and I need to stop it. In the mean time I suggest that none of you rely on me to make any payments for you. You might get foreclosed on. In fact, I think I hear the man from the electric company at my door. Welp, he’s not taking my power without a figh


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