A Cop’s Life

Last week was National Police Week. On the 15th we also remembered the officers who have lost their lives in the name of the noble vision ‘Protect and Serve’. Even if you don’t like the police, for reasons I have to assume have to do with traffic citations, you have to have respect for a group of men and women who will throw themselves into a middle of an active shooter situation, rescue a trapped driver from a car on the brink of explosion, and basically act as society’s janitorial staff; cleaning up messes so most of us don’t have to deal with them.

Once upon a time I wanted to be a police officer. Certain life choices (e.g. my obesity) and an issue with one of my legs prevented that. Certain circumstances changed, I’d be sitting behind a sign back in Springfield being a traffic nazi, writing ‘no blinker’ tickets, as my ideal line of police work would have taken me into traffic/DUI enforcement.

Every night for about 9 hours I listen to police radios, decide where I will go to annoy the fuck out of them, and then do so. The listening part for the past three years here in Tulsa and two more years in Vegas (not to mention all the years back in Springfield as I was a scanner nerd) has led me to the realization that the police are the most tolerant, underappreciated, folks in our nation.

On my Twitter feed, I occasionally tweet out calls that catch my interest, and which prove, without a doubt, that cops deserve every doughnut they consume.

Here’s some examples:

And one of my personal favorites:

So the next time you see a cop, give them a smile (I’ve learned the hard way that they don’t like to be hugged or kissed…) and tell them “Thanks for dealing with that shit”.

Also, props to the dispatchers too for being able to dispatch most of those without laughing.
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