7.26 Reasons Why I Blog Infrequently

Literally no one has stopped me in the street and said “Hey Erin, I am a big fan of your blog, 421A, but dude, it’s updated so infrequently. Why is that?”. I think the main reason for that is the fact that if anyone did try to stop me is that I would assume they were trying to carjack me and I would run their ass over. The next, more likely reason for that is the fact that no one gives a purple fuck.

Regardless, to make sure I don’t drop from  Obscure to Obsolete on Big Billy Blogapalooza, I feel it necessary to post a list anyway of the seven and a quarter reasons why I seem to blog infrequently.

And yes, you will notice that the majority of the reasons are your, the reader’s, fault.

#7.25 – No one reads my posts.
Or at a very minimum, no one comments on them. On all my posts I have made, I have like six comments – two of them simply being ‘Hey, I lost your phone number’ comments. While I do enjoy talking to myself, sometimes I wonder if I am really serving a purpose blogging if my posts aren’t interesting enough to elicit a reaction.

#7 – No one shares my posts.
On a similar note, no one even retweets my posts and says ‘look at what that moron Winking said now!’. Do I need to become stupider? I’ll try my very hardest.

#6.01 – Lack of traffic makes the baby Winky cry.
Most of the traffic to my blog comes in the form of people GISing for pony pictures and hitting up my ‘I love ponies’ post. I get very few hits from my FB/Twitter links and none from my G+ links.

Obviously this could be a chicken and the egg theory. Do I get low traffic because I blog infrequently, or do I blog infrequently because I get low traffic?

#6 – A Random Blog is hard to keep up.
If I wanted to, I could post something every single day. However it would be a blog laced with rants and tirades on various subjects ranging from work to other things related to work.

Just kidding. Kinda.

I made a conscious decision a while ago that my blog would be fairly apolitical, I would not rant (even jokingly) about work as I did not want to risk my employment, or do anything else that would change the over all theme of the blog from humorous to ‘Jesus, this dude is a whiney twat…’.

Which kind of brings me to #5 & 4…

#5 – I play too many video games…
Usually when I come home from work, after dinner that’s what I do. When I don’t do that…

#4 – My creativity is spent writing other things…
I have one more novel in my fanfic Moon Trek that I am working on before I close that chapter of my life. From there, I am actually working on an honest to God, real novel that I am hoping to have published.

I used to think writing was an easy job, till I tried to actually ‘make’ myself do it. At that point you start to have a bit more respect for professional authors/writers.

#3 – Life has been hectic.
Details are irrelevant, but lets just say I am looking forward to the Mayan apocalypse.

#2 – Obama.
I am certain somehow Obama is to blame.

#1 – I am just a procrastinating asshole.
There’s no getting past it. I am what I am. I’m sorry. I will try to do better. I’m sorry for trying to blame you. I am looking into becoming a Buddhist, which I hope will somehow help. We’ll see. Regardless, I hope you have at least RSS’d me so that you will notice when I do post and will come and comment to at least call me a four letter word, as that will make me feel better.

Even though it probably shouldn’t.

edit: I just noticed that I apparently don’t know how to number or I can’t count or I’m just a fucking moron and I have 5 listed twice. Rather than renumber the list totally, I have made some slight alterations and renamed the title.

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